NISPAcee Annual Conference
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IX. Local Public Policies
Author(s)  Matus Cupka 
  Comenius University
Bratislava  Slovakia
Paper Name  Local Municipalities Featuring Volunteer Groups in Tackling Environmental Issues of Urbanized Communities in Slovakia
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Presenter  Matus Cupka
Paper Abstract  
The objective of this presented paper is to add to the discussion regarding volunteering in Central European countries and its cooperation with local municipalities. This will be achieved through the analysis of available theories discussing the functioning of bureaucratic institutions like local municipalities and the functioning of grass-root volunteer organizations active in the area of environmentalism. It will also analyze the motivation lying behind one’s involvement in volunteering and public participation. Although, there are examples of a successful utilization of public participation and volunteering, they remain on the outside of broad public or political interest. The results show the unpreparedness of local municipalities to absorb and satisfy public needs in timely manner or to a satisfactory level both in terms of quality and quantity. As a result, volunteering struggles with getting some traction due to disillusion, disinterest and reluctance in terms of public participation in the general public. Those negative aspects combined with bad previous experience with public authorities and mistrust towards the public sector make volunteering in Slovakia an activity recognized only by small segments of the society.