NISPAcee Annual Conference
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II. e-Government
Author(s)  Jan Klasinc 
  Institute of Public Administration
Zagreb  Croatia
Paper Name  Curbing Grey Economy and Corruption - Governance Vs. Government
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Presenter  Jan Klasinc
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 Preliminary Abstract
I have already studied the cash fiscalisation in Croatia as an example of re-centralisation based on e-government enabled by technological advances, which has ensued after the period of agencification and decentralisation of public finances, which was based on the ideas of good governance rather than new public management and stimulated by EU accession. In this paper the author would like to further elaborate on this topic with reference to curbing corruption and resistance to cash fiscalisation by certain professions, such as lawers (attorneys at law).

In addition to this, we propose to study the models in which grey economy and corruption are curbed by the interaction with public and involvement of citizens, rather than governmental institutions, such as in 1) citizens reporting a wrong invoice that does not include fiscalisation codes; 2) income and asset declarations (IAD) of public officials that are published on the internet, and the legal possibility of requesting the IADs of judges, that was introduced into the new State Judicial Council Act. We would also like to show how these possibilities of citizen involvement affect the public perception of corruption (e.g. in judiciary, politics, economy, etc.)

The paper will also try to include some comparative analyisis with the available information from CEE and SEE countries.