NISPAcee Annual Conference
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VII. Working Group on Public Sector Transparency
Author(s)  Katarina Staronova 
  Comenius University
Bratislava  Slovakia
Paper Name  Anti-Corruption Measures in Slovak Judiciary: Case of Court Management and Special Court
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Abstract: Corruption within judiciary was perceived to be very high and one of the most pressing problems at the beginning of 2000 in Slovak society. This article looks at two distinct anti-corruption measures adopted by the Slovak government in the period of 1998-2006, notably the introduction of the Court management and creation of the Special Court. Both measures have been introduced as a policy transfer from abroad and are administrative in nature as they create new institutional environment within which judiciary works. This article looks on the basic characteristics of these two administrative measures from instrumental point of view, assesses their potential on influencing the corruption in the system, comments upon the political economy of their adoption and finally on their possible sustainability in the system and factors that may influence it.